Wednesday, June 15, 2016

hoi an international sketchwalk

the clouds were in small clumps
 with its shadows casting on the land 
which made it difficult to sketch with the moving plane.
                                              upon arrival
                                        my first glimpse of this bright yellow tree warned me
                                               tis going to be hot
                                                          for the next few days sketching
                                          in this ancient town Hoi An

                            by 5pm.. i rushed out to see the main sight.. the japanese bridge..

                      the first thing that came to my mind is to get away from all that noise,
                                          suddenly i see
                                          the owner of a shop..
                                          facing the bridge was this  long wall..
                      he sat there watching the whole scene
                      i used sign language to seek approval
                                          if i could get to where he was seated..
                                          and so i did.

      the very first day.. was already warm the thai team of sketchers were all set and ready
        well positioned.. it was their first day.. so give each other space.. all artists like their
                                OWN SPACE.. AND THEIR OWN SCENE TO SKETCH