Friday, October 17, 2014

smile even more at 90 aunty tricky and my friends

the garden you look at whilst you dine

the plates on the wall are ceramic pieces painted by aunty tricky

to win the heart of your patron especially when they are elderly .. one must get along with the maid.. lucky for me marjorie and i get along fine.

for us singaporeans noodles are often eaten during birthday parties

the photographer nic.

dragging some of my friends along to the party
in life .. we share our best moments with people who like you and it is such a wonderful
feeling with there is a lovely friendship.. aunty tricky at 90 teaches me a lot of things..
hilda and amy enjoys these moments ... so when people always ask me how long do you take to paint?

i usually just keep quiet.. it takes a lot of energy.. time .. and love for others.. for me to get into
a great mood .... and the timing must be correct.. as i post this blog today.. am ready to do another with 
aunty tricky's turtle.