Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Taman Negara

above the sampan the trees hover over us..

 natural pier along the river to view the very big trees.
the water's edge many huge trees with large tree trunks.. remain silent but
yet still strong.. fallen yet not rotting.. so soon..

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Malacca sketchwalk.. with usk Kuala Lumpur sketchers


 many people go to Malacca to eat.. infact some of us.. Singaporeans just to go
there to stuff ourselves with their version of chicken rice.. for me the weather was so hot
that I just found dumplings an easier item to consume with tons of chendol.. i.e. a drink made up of coconut milk with palm sugar...with some tasty.. redbeans at the bottom..
 the Malay mosque.. and an Indian festival that we were lucky to see..
the first sight of Malacca 

                                                 was that it was a very chinese
                                                 settlement town.. there were these old
                                                 signboards on all the entrances of the shophouses.. 
after you discover the other streets.. Indian 
temples emerge and especially the main square the famous church that the dutch
left behind is smack right in the center of town.. for many of us.. we have been
to the fort and the main square the sleepy hollow of this old town is no longer
it is mass tourism from china... 

 it was quite a personal experience for dearest and myself.. we met a lovely gentleman
who lives in Ireland.. he had just lost his mother.. and we had a good chat about
his street where he lived.. he said to us in the ole days.. "I lived on this street . my childhood time this was a market street and now it is a goldsmith street Sri Poyyatha Vinayaga temple.. when I was a child
I can go everywhere there was mutual respect with each other. It was a humble beginning.. Harmony street at night .. there were trishaw riders at night time.. ting ting tong.. the street where I sketched
is call Jalan Tukang mas..."

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

japanesehamburgers should include pickled grasshoppers
may this shrine bless this neighbourhood for centuries
near the 2020 olympic happenings


eating grasshoppers/locusts will lead you to.. old Tokyo

                                          photo at the entrance of the temple shrine..

 the chopstick shop around that area

we visited this area twice.. though small in size .. it was a quiet part of Tokyo
with a very local flavor

5am land of the rising sun

the space of an apartment the station is called

the furniture were from the store MUJI

such clever ideas used to create a simple functional space

                                           5am shift art materials towards the balcony

                                            and started sketching the sun rises extremely fast in Japan