Tuesday, November 14, 2017

japanesehamburgers should include pickled grasshoppers

may this shrine bless this neighbourhood for centuries
near the 2020 olympic happenings


eating grasshoppers/locusts will lead you to.. old Tokyo

                                          photo at the entrance of the temple shrine..


 the chopstick shop around that area

we visited this area twice.. though small in size .. it was a quiet part of Tokyo
with a very local flavor

5am land of the rising sun

the space of an apartment the station is called

the furniture were from the store MUJI

such clever ideas used to create a simple functional space

                                           5am shift art materials towards the balcony

                                            and started sketching the sun rises extremely fast in Japan

SIMPLEdetails that work in the Japanese culture

                      the menu cover
the details and texture on wall paper at a restaurant that served noodles
Ginza area.

yakitori.. simply divine right shape and size

                        the land of the rising sun
                          a signage...

                       Japanese bananas cultivated and chosen for the basho museum

                                           detailed plant suggestions well thought out.

be it in a basho museum .. and the areas
to indicate that you have arrived at the correct station simple graphic elements are used
to tell the pedestrian ...throughout Tokyo though the metropolitan city is such a complex
matrix of information areas to see for the tourists .. it was such a smile that came about on my face 
for 2 and a half weeks it was a lovely break .. especially for a designer it was sure heaven..
everywhere even at the back of a shop where I peeped through centuries old Edo recipes
that make these pickles were carefully simply carried out.. from the images chosen I hope
you can appreciate my finds.. that would make you smile ...