Tuesday, June 6, 2017

discovering ipoh is like hiding inside a banyan tree..

if the roots are strong .. it may last but if you cut off the roots ... am not sure about the outcome.

food storming through ipoh

 ipoh is famous for these juicy bits of bean sprouts..
 a storm was about to approach 
the sky looked rather dark..

everybody knew which food court was their favourite.

many of the restaurants were owned by chinese
and in almost all the restaurants there were
these altar tables.. dedicated to the gods.

night and day feels quite different in ipoh.. 
felt very old city feel during the night and it is a town seeped in history---
when the street lights were dim and there seem to be less traffic ...

 early morning most of the tourists like us sketchers 
from singapore
descend upon this quaint atmospheric town of food .. 

it was just amazing to try all sorts of noodle like concoctions,
one particular dish was immersed in curry 
and a whole bowl full of pork prawns 

further dipped into a delightful flavoured brown sauce..

the chef frantically preparing the different orders

it was a delight   to see them prepare right before your eyes..
in some cases .
one wished one had not been to the kitchen.

that was another place

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

hoi an international sketchwalk

the clouds were in small clumps
 with its shadows casting on the land 
which made it difficult to sketch with the moving plane.
                                              upon arrival
                                        my first glimpse of this bright yellow tree warned me
                                               tis going to be hot
                                                          for the next few days sketching
                                          in this ancient town Hoi An

                            by 5pm.. i rushed out to see the main sight.. the japanese bridge..

                      the first thing that came to my mind is to get away from all that noise,
                                          suddenly i see
                                          the owner of a shop..
                                          facing the bridge was this  long wall..
                      he sat there watching the whole scene
                      i used sign language to seek approval
                                          if i could get to where he was seated..
                                          and so i did.

      the very first day.. was already warm the thai team of sketchers were all set and ready
        well positioned.. it was their first day.. so give each other space.. all artists like their
                                OWN SPACE.. AND THEIR OWN SCENE TO SKETCH

Thursday, June 25, 2015

onto onto golden reflections on the equator..... singapore waters

whilst strolling in a Singapore Park,
 we sometimes glimpse upon a beautiful reflection in our pristine waters.
 When the waves settle, there is order out of chaos.
Like a thumbprint, each reflection is unique, depending on the time of day and its
accompanying ripple effects.

Which brings us to
"MIRRORS of Singapore"

these are the golden reflections.

on the shores of singapore around Marina bay

the view was from the esplanade in singapore

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

the end of the day in luang prabang laos.

i never carry my paints which is a bad habit.. but somehow i manage to find this lady who had an art shop so i borrowed her husband's paints and paper.. luang prabang in the late afternoon was such a thrilling place to sketch.. in the middle of my first sketch .. the gongs started and went a little wild..enjoyed looking at this wonderful lady's face.. she was probably flabbergasted .. thank goodness she did not want her sketch because the moment and the experience of that day..was such a great souvenir from that trip.. after awhile i started dancing there .. the monks were all staring at me..
 i was so happy that afternoon