Sunday, February 19, 2012

STay chinese and KPeep simple

good chinese food is done in a jiffy.. hot and served

japanese food takes time to prepare and served slowly..
Having experienced how fish is cared for. from the hakodate fish market
i realized why japanese food is so expensive.. there is so much care taken
when handling fresh fish , sea urchins and tuna.. from around the world..

food and travel...peking.

Peking_________________ imperial cuisine
With and in adequate knowledge on real Chinese cuisine of vast china
And the inability to read Chinese characters in depth..i am unable to tell you
The other adventures in southern china,macao,henan,jilin…..
It was a sheer delight to enter the forbidden city in the 80s  to taste my first
Peking duck and  later  2010 imperial cuisine for the western tourists.
15 to 20 odd years ago..when china first opened peking food was quite salty and sweet
and greasy.. it is different these days.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

satu kampong di singapura.. one and only in singapore

it was a wonderful place

hope this place will last 

tread quietly and enjoy the peace