Monday, November 17, 2014

smileyouareon.....last year's christmas ideas for my class mates

Enjoy the company of close friends
mean a little effort .. on my part
creative ideas christmas 2013
venue:  ymca.. 

i dragged my painted rocks.
and gave the group little notebooks
to match..

 as entertainment
the girls rearranged
the rocks and elephants
in different formations

and they explained
their reason for doing
their way.

Friday, October 17, 2014

smile even more at 90 aunty tricky and my friends

the garden you look at whilst you dine

the plates on the wall are ceramic pieces painted by aunty tricky

to win the heart of your patron especially when they are elderly .. one must get along with the maid.. lucky for me marjorie and i get along fine.

for us singaporeans noodles are often eaten during birthday parties

the photographer nic.

dragging some of my friends along to the party
in life .. we share our best moments with people who like you and it is such a wonderful
feeling with there is a lovely friendship.. aunty tricky at 90 teaches me a lot of things..
hilda and amy enjoys these moments ... so when people always ask me how long do you take to paint?

i usually just keep quiet.. it takes a lot of energy.. time .. and love for others.. for me to get into
a great mood .... and the timing must be correct.. as i post this blog today.. am ready to do another with 
aunty tricky's turtle.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

me and aunty tricky..


a painting i did at aunty tricky's house

 in fact .. i painted her washing clothes area , in a tropical climate like singapore
we often have an area where the maid does the washing.. 

                                    these mannequins add an extra charm to a tropical garden..
aunty tricky had a beautiful shop called blue ginger.

                                           these will give you an idea of her batik style on fabric

     aunty tricky use to teach the ladies or in singapore we call them tais tais..
porcelain art... these are some of her precious ones.. she has kept..many were given away.

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Aunty tricky and her magic touch in life.

 aunty tricky and myself enjoy each other's company,,, she is quite a recent friend..
at 89 and fast approaching 90 .. i visit her quite often..
i bring her everywhere i can think of..

she teaches me good chinese ways and she is an artist herself
during her hay days she prints batik material and had a lovely shop
selling unusual patterns on cotton..everyday..
she dresses beautifully
and takes great pain in her appearance


----------------------------------- aunty tricky is learning how to use her computer
this is our dining area al fresco many a meal and shares with my
other friends

Saturday, March 29, 2014

pink and yellow aura.......chris understands that pink suits him.. to be honest  he is pink because  he is studying in a cold climate.. so cute to have picked up this lovely t shirt from the laundry.mat

bangkok..the other side of the khlong..

the boats whizzed by.. 
we took out time ... and stayed at this wonderful
place for a long time.. 
only then can a place like this grow on you..
key words artist's village bangkok.. 

 this place is a fun place to be at.. the paint materials buy on site.
 and one of the nice thai
puppeteer.. wrote these lovely words of the names of the thai boats
that whizzed by...
 tis lovely when the paint was wet.. 

the artist's village on the other side of the khlong..

bangkok... the other side of the khlong...

 bangkok wow.. to discover the other side.. and enjoy the tourists go by was such a treat...

 the waved and we waved back
 the boats went by so loudly.. vooommmm the colors went by and i thought to myself
how to capture this feeling.. above was the outcome..