Thursday, June 25, 2015

onto onto golden reflections on the equator..... singapore waters

whilst strolling in a Singapore Park,
 we sometimes glimpse upon a beautiful reflection in our pristine waters.
 When the waves settle, there is order out of chaos.
Like a thumbprint, each reflection is unique, depending on the time of day and its
accompanying ripple effects.

Which brings us to
"MIRRORS of Singapore"

these are the golden reflections.

on the shores of singapore around Marina bay

the view was from the esplanade in singapore

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

the end of the day in luang prabang laos.

i never carry my paints which is a bad habit.. but somehow i manage to find this lady who had an art shop so i borrowed her husband's paints and paper.. luang prabang in the late afternoon was such a thrilling place to sketch.. in the middle of my first sketch .. the gongs started and went a little wild..enjoyed looking at this wonderful lady's face.. she was probably flabbergasted .. thank goodness she did not want her sketch because the moment and the experience of that day..was such a great souvenir from that trip.. after awhile i started dancing there .. the monks were all staring at me..
 i was so happy that afternoon 

a couple of bedsheets one morning.

some mornings 

you just in that mood to realize

that these sheets are so beautiful in its natural state.

 so you quickly start sketching.. certain areas always will appeal to the beholder
tis always what you see first that inspired oneself..

 the shades of light and dark are so amazing... it will take hours.. and you just can't stay there forever sketching so.. you just sketch your style ...